About The Green House Garden Store
 After Spending several years working as a Landscape Architect in Miami Beach, The Green House Garden Store was Founded in November 2000 by Jarman Peacock.

It is our Goal to have:
1.  A Garden Store That is Clean and Professional and Pesticide Free.
2.  Plant Stock that is Healthy & Labeled and with Prices clearly marked.
3.  A Knowledgable and Helpful Staff ready to assist in any way.

The Green House Garden Store is also aware of the impact we all have on our planet - and we have a range of policies to mitigate this.

1.  We use only time-release fertilizer to prevent nitrogen runoff.

2.   We re-use all of our plastic pots and trays, and we have an on-site compost pile for all of our plant clippings and organic garbage.

3.  We  sometimes do use insecticidal soaps and oils, but very sparingly, and while they are not completely harmless, they are as far less damaging than standard commercial grade pesticides.

4.   All of the Gift Boxes, Tissue Paper, Paper Shopping Bags, and Paper Ribbons we use at The Green House are made with 100% Recycled Materials.

5.    We consider finding a Caterpillar on a Passionflower Vine or a Snail in a Begonia to be Good Luck, not something to Spray for.  So we would like to apologize in advance if our Plants may occasionally have a bite taken out of them.
Jarman Peacock, Owner of The Green House Garden Store.